Vehicle Wraps – Full or Partial

One of the

best investments you can make in marketing your company’s products and / or services, is found in vehicle wraps / graphics. Chances are good you are already putting miles on your company’s vehicles everyday, which represents hundreds of thousands of potential impressions. Projected out over the course of three months or a year, this easily equates to millions of media impressions. Why not take advantage of your company vehicles, and put them to work gaining your company more visibility, credibility, with full or partial vehicle wraps. Call Account Manager Jim Martin at 612-940-2455 for a free evaluation.

Boats, snowmobiles, trailers, motorcycles…. the list of things you can make dramatic improvements to with bold colorful graphics goes on and on. Whatever creative ideas you have can literally come to life when you let us produce works of arts that are placed on your favorite vehicle. With the right choice of materials, and expert installation, your graphics will look great for years to come – or at least until you decide to update your graphics again!

Cut Vinyl Lettering


A highly affordable, effective marketing tool no company should overlook is attractive cut vinyl lettering. If you’ve already read the previous paragraph, you should be aware of the cost-efficiencies involved with letting your company fleet vehicles help drive business to your door.

If your place of business needs an attractive form of identification, then why not let us dress it up with new or improved lettering on your doors, windows, or other highly visible areas?

Signs – Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

Just about everyone needs signs produced at some time or another. The good news is, technology has improved to the point where there is no reason to expect anything short of excellence when it comes to visibility, and cost-effectiveness. We can easily produce highly visible, attractive signage solutions for any indoor and outdoor application.

Banners – Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

DSCN06091111111111111111111111122222222222223333333-3001111111111173Although closely related to indoor or outdoor signs, banners are commonly required for many short term, and long term needs. Choosing the right materials to print onto, and achieving just the right look is something you won’t regret getting our assistance on. Our prints can make use of spot color, or full color, and will look great in direct sunlight for as long as you need them to.

Retail Point-of-Sale

DSCN06091111111111121231231241241241231231231Building an attractive, attention getting retail display becomes somewhat of an art while applying time tested principles that motivate in-store customers to buy. If you want fresh ideas, creative concepts, our design professionals can prepare and present a new approach. Perhaps all you need is someone to take your electronic files and focus on generating the finest quality prints. Either way, Metro Graphics is there to assist you.

In-store signage, three dimensional promotional displays, ceiling danglers, durable floor graphics, static or wet-cling window art, we can make it happen. Beyond printing, we can also assist you in procuring the necessary hardware to display your artwork, and handle all the kitting / fulfillment / inventory management for you.

OEM Labels / Decals

DSCN06091111111111111111111111122222222222223333333-300x17312223Does your company manufacture a product? If so, we can easily produce the labeling that is placed on the product identifying its brand, instructing people how to use it, safety precautions, or colorful details. Guaranteed to last for years, Metro Graphics produces attractive graphics that help you sell more products.

Trade Show Display Graphics

If your company invests the resources in maintaining a presence at important events each year, then no doubt you want those efforts to produce the highest level of return-on-investment possible. The best place to start might be one of the more obvious places – updating the graphics maintained on your trade show display. We welcome the chance to show you what we can do for you.

Custom Fabrication

Do you have product packaging prototypes that you would like to see? Maybe you have a wild new creative idea that you need some expert assistance with to make that idea come alive. With technology making most everything possible, we get very excited when customers approach us with their ideas. Do you need sky and clouds printed directly onto ceiling tiles? Have a surf board that you need to have custom graphics printed onto – or a race car that you need custom graphics created for? Let’s hear your ideas. You might just be surprised to find out how easy it can be!

Video Production

monsterquestMany people may not be aware that Metro Graphics can offer an exceptionally high degree of expertise in the area of video production. Key personnel associated with our company have high level experience producing television programming, and top level video productions for government, private and corporate use. Recent credits have included such projects as “Monster Quest” seen on The History Channel, and the “Lily The Black Bear Den Cam” which has received amazing national and local media coverage. Please feel free to ask us for a more comprehensive list of projects we have worked on.